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DKE German Commission for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies of DIN and VDE

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DIN VDE 0105-100/A1 ; VDE 0105-100/A1:2017-06
Operation of electrical installations - Part 100: General requirements; Amendment A1: Periodic verification; German implementation of clause 6.5 of HD 60364-6:2016

Title (German)

Betrieb von elektrischen Anlagen - Teil 100: Allgemeine Festlegungen; Änderung A1: Wiederkehrende Prüfungen; Deutsche Übernahme von Abschnitt 6.5 des HD 60364-6:2016


This standard applies to the operation of and all work on, with or in the vicinity of electrical systems. This concerns electrical installations of all voltage levels from low voltage to high voltage. In this standard the term high voltage includes the voltage levels of medium voltage and extra-high voltage. These electrical installations are used for the generation, transmission, conversion, distribution and application of electrical energy. Some of these electrical installations are stationary, such as distribution equipment in a factory or office building, others are only set up temporarily, such as on construction sites; still others are mobile and can either be energized or moved in a de-energized state. Examples of this are electrically powered excavators in quarries or opencast lignite mines. This standard describes the requirements for safe operation and work on, with or in the vicinity of electrical equipment. These requirements apply to all operating, working and maintenance procedures. They apply to all non-electrical work, such as construction work in the vicinity of overhead lines or cables, as well as to electrical work where there is an electrical hazard. This standard has not been specifically prepared for application to the electrical installations listed below. However, it is recommended that the principles of this standard be applied to these electrical installations unless other regulations or procedures are available: - installations on aircraft or hovercraft moving under their own propulsion (these are subject to international aviation law, which takes precedence over national laws); - installations on ocean-going vessels moving under their own propulsion or under the direction of a control center (these are subject to international maritime law, which takes precedence over national laws); - electronic communication and information systems; - electronic control, regulation and automation systems; - installations in mining; - installations on offshore facilities to which international maritime law applies; - installations in vehicles; - electrical railroad systems; - electrotechnical test work in research. Amendment A1 replaces section "Periodic inspections" of DIN VDE 0105-100 (VDE 0105-100):2015-10, Subclause 6.5 of HD 60364-6:2016 has thus been adopted and supplemented by national specifications. The responsible committee is DKE/K 224 "Betrieb elektrischer Anlagen" ("Operations of electrical installations") of the DKE (German Commission for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies) at DIN and VDE.

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DKE/K 224 - Betrieb von elektrischen Anlagen  

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