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DIN EN 61340-4-8; VDE 0300-4-8:2015-08
Electrostatics - Part 4-8: Standard test methods for specific applications - Electrostatic discharge shielding - Bags (IEC 61340-4-8:2014); German version EN 61340-4-8:2015

Title (German)

Elektrostatik - Teil 4-8: Standard-Prüfverfahren für spezielle Anwendungen - Schirmwirkung gegen elektrostatische Entladung - Beutel (IEC 61340-4-8:2014); Deutsche Fassung EN 61340-4-8:2015


This standard describes a common, repeatable method for testing and determining the electrostatic discharge shielding ability of electrostatic discharge shielding bags for protection of electronic components against electrostatic discharge. The design voltage for the test apparatus is 1 000 V. This test method represents a significant change by eliminating the use of two current probes and the use of a single current probe for measurement purposes. This was done to eliminate the problems that arise when attempting to match the current probes, resulting in errors. The responsible committee is DKE/K 185 "Elektrostatik" ("Electrostatics") of the DKE (German Commission for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies) at DIN and VDE.

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DKE/K 185 - Elektrostatik 

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