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DIN 6892
Drive type fastenings without taper action - Parallel keys - Calculation and design

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Mitnehmerverbindungen ohne Anzug - Passfedern - Berechnung und Gestaltung


The parallel key fastening ranks among the indirect positive-locking shaft to collar fastenings. The torsional moment is indirectly transferred from the shaft to the collar by a driver, the parallel key. The main purpose of application for parallel key fastenings is the transfer of (quasi) static torsional moments. With limitations, the parallel key fastening is also applied during pulsating or alternating torsional moments. Parallel key fastenings are particularly applicable when a proper assembly and later dismantling of the shaft to collar fastening (for instance, exchange or maintenance) is demanded or necessary. This standard specifies design and calculation principles for parallel key fastenings the components of which consist of metallic materials. This standard is mainly applicable for parallel key fastenings applied in mechanical engineering in the temperature range of 40 °C to 150 °C. Modifications: The following modifications have been made with respect to DIN 6892:1998-11: a) A draft angle has also been taken into consideration for the calculation of the surface pressures in b) Datum D/d has been changed to d/D in c) The new factor q has been assigned for calculation of the friction factor in each respective calculation equation in d) Load alternating factor fw and load peak frequency factor fL have been be newly defined in The differentiation between alternating torques with a slow or fast torque increase has been omitted. e) The graphic representations for the form factor and the service life have been omitted in 6.2 and the fatigue notch factors have been explicitly specified instead. f) The designs for maximum shaft load on the basis of localized tensions have been omitted in Annex C. Former editions: DIN 6892:1998-11

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NA 060-34-32 AA - Shafts and shaft-hub-connections  

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