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DIN EN 61788-6 ; VDE 0390-6:2012-04
Superconductivity - Part 6: Mechanical properties measurement - Room temperature tensile test of Cu/Nb-Ti composite superconductors (IEC 61788-6:2011); German version EN 61788-6:2011

Title (German)

Supraleitfähigkeit - Teil 6: Messung der mechanischen Eigenschaften - Messung der Zugfestigkeit von Cu/Nb-Ti-Verbundsupraleitern bei Raumtemperatur (IEC 61788-6:2011); Deutsche Fassung EN 61788-6:2011


The Cu/Nb-Ti superconductive composite wires currently in use are multifilamentary composite material with a matrix that functions as a stabilizer and supporter, in which ultrafine superconductor filaments are embedded. A Nb-40~55 mass % Ti alloy is used as the superconductive material, while oxygen-free copper and aluminium of high purity are employed as the matrix material. Commercial composite superconductors have a high current density and a small cross-sectional area. The major application of the composite superconductors is to build superconducting magnets. While the magnet is being manufactured, complicated stresses are applied to its windings and, while it is being energized, a large electromagnetic force is applied to the superconducting wires because of its high current density. It is therefore indispensable to determine the mechanical properties of the superconductive wires, of which the windings are made. This part of IEC 61788 covers a test method detailing the tensile test procedures to be carried out on Cu/Nb-Ti superconductive composite wires at room temperature. This test is used to measure modulus of elasticity, 0,2 % proof strength of the composite due to yielding of the copper component, and tensile strength. The value for percentage elongation after fracture and the second type of 0,2 % proof strength due to yielding of the Nb-Ti component serves only as a reference. The sample covered by this test procedure has a round or rectangular cross-section with an area of 0,15 mm2 to 2 mm2 and a copper to superconductor volume ratio of 1,0 to 8,0 and without the insulating coating. The responsible committee is K 184 "Supraleiter" ("Superconductors") of the DKE (German Commission for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies) at DIN and VDE.

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DKE/K 184 - Supraleiter  

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