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DIN EN 50564; VDE 0705-2301:2011-12
Electrical and electronic household and office equipment - Measurement of low power consumption (IEC 62301:2011, modified); German version EN 50564:2011

Title (German)

Elektrische und elektronische Haushalts- und Bürogeräte - Messung niedriger Leistungsaufnahmen (IEC 62301:2011, modifiziert); Deutsche Fassung EN 50564:2011


This European Standard specifies methods of measurement of electrical power consumption and the reporting of the results for a range of electrical and electronic household and office equipment, hereafter referred to as products. This standard - addresses issues associated with measuring electrical power, in particular low power (in the order of a few watts or less), consumed by mains powered products, - describes in detail the requirements for testing single phase products with a rated input voltage in the range of 100 V a.c. to 250 V a.c. However, it may, with some adaptations, also be used with three phase products, - may also be of assistance in determining the energy efficiency of products in conjunction with other, more specific product standards. The following modifications have been made with respect to DIN EN 62301:2006-10: a) scope of EN 50564 has been extended compared to IEC 62301:2011 in order to cover a range of electrical and electronic household and office equipment; b) content and structure have been fundamentally revised and expanded with regard to office equipment. The responsible committee is K 513 "Hausgeräte, Gebrauchseigenschaften" ("Household appliances, performance characteristics") of the DKE (German Commission for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies) at DIN and VDE.

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DKE/K 513 - Hausgeräte, Gebrauchseigenschaften 

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