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DKE German Commission for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies of DIN and VDE

DIN VDE 0276-620; VDE 0276-620:2010-11 [Withdrawn] referenced in following documents:

Document number Edition Title
VDE-AR-N 4201 2010-11 Technical documentation of power grids More 
BOStrab Elektrische Anlagen; TRStrab EA:2011-05 2011-05 Technical Rules for Electrical Installations in accordance with the German Federal Regulations on the Construction and Operation of Light Rail Transit Systems (BOStrab) - Technical Rules for Electrical Installations (TR EI) - Part 1: Power Supply Installations - Part 2: Lighting Installations More 
DIN EN 50363-0; VDE 0207-363-0:2012-03 2012-03 Insulating, sheathing and covering materials for low-voltage energy cables - Part 0: General introduction; German version EN 50363-0:2011 More 
FGSV 563; H ZFSV:2012 2012 Hinweise für die Herstellung und Verwendung von zeitweise fließfähigen, selbstverdichtenden Verfüllbaustoffen im Erdbau More