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Radio frequency and coaxial cable assemblies - Part 4-4: Detail specification for multi channel semi-rigid cable assemblies, frequency up to 6000MHz, with type 50-5 semi-rigid coaxial cable


This part of IEC 60966 is a detail specification that relates to multi-channel semi-rigid cable assemblies composed of type 50-5 semi-rigid coaxial cables with foamed polyethylene dielectric (see annex A) and connectors such as type 7-16 (IEC 61169-4)、type 4.1-9.5 (IEC 61169-11)、type N(IEC 61169-16)、type S7 -16(IEC 61169-53)、type 4.3-10 (IEC 61169-54)、type L32(IEC 61169-59)、type 2.2-5 (IEC 61169-66)、type Nex10 (IEC 61169-71)、type MQ4(IEC 63138-2) or type MQ5(IEC 63138-3).It gives subfamily detail requirements and severities which shall be applied. This detail specification applies to the semi-rigid cable assemblies(jumper) for mobile communication, particular for the cable assemblies used between main feeder and antennas or between main feeder and equipment system or between remote radio heads and antennas. The operating frequency is up to 6000MHz.



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DIN EN IEC 60966-4-4

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DKE/UK 412.3 - Koaxialkabel und -Leitungen  


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