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Protection of telecommunication lines against direct lightning flashes


This draft standard contains the German version of the Recommendation K.72:2011-06 of the Internationalen Telecommunication Union ITU-T. It describes a procedure for the risk management of the lightning protection of telecommunication networks using cables with metallic conductors. The risk assessment is limited to physical damage and failure of insulation of telecommunication lines (buried or aerial cables, shielded or unshielded cables) which can cause a loss of service. Once an limit for the tolerable risk has been selected, this procedure allows the selection of appropriate protection measures to be adopted to reduce the risk to a level at or below the tolerable limit. Together with the parallel Draft DIN VDE 0845-1-4 (VDE 0845-1-4) this draft intends to replace DIN EN 61663-2 (VDE 0845-4-2):2002-07. EN 61663-2 was withdrawn as result of the re-structuring of the International and European standards in the field of the lightning and overvoltage protection of telecommunikation lines. The subject was deleted from the scope of IEC/TC 81 or CLC/TC 81X, respectively, according to this re-structuring while it was taken over by ITU-T.



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DIN VDE 0845-1-2

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DKE/UK 767.6 - Schutz von Einrichtungen der Informationstechnik gegen Überspannungen und niederfrequente Felder  


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