DIN membership

Take advantage of many benefits

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A membership really pays off: You can play an active role in shaping German standardization policy and also take advantage of concrete financial benefits.

DIN members now have yet another reason to take an active role in standardization work. Since January 2018, the DIN membership includes vouchers for participation in standards committees. Each voucher is valued at 1,090 Euro (net). DIN members receive between one and five vouchers a year, based upon the size of the company. With this offer, DIN is aiming to lower the financial barriers to participation in standards work, in particular those faced by small and medium-sized enterprises.

To become a DIN member, please fill out and sign this form and send it to us by post.

The benefits of a DIN membership at a glance:

DIN members support the well proven principles of standardization, in spirit and financially. But membership also brings a range of tangible benefits.

You can take an active role in shaping German standardization policy while enhancing the position of your company.
You receive up to five vouchers for free participation in standards committees. Each voucher is valued at 1,090 Euro (net).
You receive exclusive information on standards policy and can vote at the members’ annual assembly.
You are invited to top-notch events. DIN provides a platform for you to exchange your views and ideas with other companies. One new type of event we have organized is the “Member Talk,” which gives members a chance to speak personally with DIN’s Executive Board.
You receive access to free “webinars” that provide you with valuable knowledge on standardization.
You receive our newsletter giving you the latest standardization news.
You acquire the right to reproduce DIN Standards for internal purposes as often as you wish. You can also save the documents in your own internal electronic network, making them easily accessible to your employees.
You can take advantage of a 15 percent discount on the purchase of DIN Standards, the DIN Catalogue of Technical Rules, DIN’s monthly journal “DIN-Mitteilungen” and DIN Academy seminars.

You can use the DIN membership logo to market your company.

Exclusive to DIN members, you can hire rooms in DIN’s modern conference centre at our Berlin headquarters.