DIN/DKE’s participation in the “International Symposium on Standardization Strategy and Policy in the Future” and bilateral meeting with Dr. Tian Shihong


The “International Symposium on Standardization Strategy and Policy in the Future” hosted by the China State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) took place in Beijing on the 28th of November. Over 300 stakeholders from SAMR, Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), Chinese standardization expert committees, research institutes, academia and various industry sectors participated in this event.

In the context of defining and implementing the Chinese standardization strategy, and promoting the research project “China Standards 2035”, among other guests, DIN and DKE have been invited to speak about the German standardization strategy and the strategy of Industry 4.0 standardization. DIN and DKE have also participated as panelists in the discussions on “Standards Facilitating SMEs’ Development” and “Standards Facilitating Trade”. Through such practical exchanges with our Chinese colleagues, both sides get to better understand the others countrie´s standardization system and the environment within each is operating. It further on fosters trust and good partnerly cooperation.

Adjacent to this event, Mr. Winterhalter and Mr. Teigeler had a fruitful bilateral meeting with Dr. Tian, Deputy Director SAMR and Administrator SAC on the collaboration between Germany and China in ushering the transformation of international standardization development. Particularly in the drafting of ISO strategy and the implementation of IEC Masterplan, both countries agreed to work closely together in driving strategic developments of these international standardization organizations, facing evolving needs and challenges in a more diverse and digital age. The parties have therefore agreed on continued bilateral dialogues to deepen their cooperation at strategic and technical levels.


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