DIN Building being modernized

Conference centre to remain open

Bild des neuen DIN-Gebäudes nach dem Umbau

Standardization promotes dialogue between actors from industry, consumer groups and the scientific community. And now DIN is also setting out to foster a more collaborative internal environment and encourage greater flexibility by implementing a new office concept in the DIN building as from 2021, which by then will see the building fully refurbished. The multi-space office is based on the concept of workspaces dedicated to defined activities: Each activity is assigned to certain areas - alongside individual working spaces there are also areas for work tasks requiring greater concentration, for web conferences, or for temporary project teams.

More communication and flexibility

“Our building is over 50 years old. As well as renovating the building’s infrastructure and replacing the facade, we wish to improve internal communication and promote project work by introducing an open, more flexible room concept without neglecting the need of our employees to be able to concentrate in a quiet working environment.” “The world around is changing rapidly. We must be able to play an active role in shaping these changes together with our stakeholders from industry and society. This will be helped by our new, flexible office design, which will make it much easier to work on interdisciplinary, project-based topics than is the case with our current offices with their cellular structure.”

The 660 members of DIN Group staff are relocating to an office building close to Berlin’s Tegel Airport for the duration of the construction work. Standards committee meetings will continue to take place as usual in our state-of-the art conference centre at DIN-Platz.  From December onwards, access to the conference rooms will be from Budapester Straße 31.


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