The German Standardization Strategy

The vision of the German Standardization Strategy is as follows:

"Standardization in Germany helps business and society strengthen, develop and open up regional and global markets"

The German Standardization Strategy consists of five goals and courses of action to meet those goals:

Goal 1
Standardization secures Germany's position as a leading industrial nation

Goal 2
Standardization as a strategic instrument supports a successful society and economy

Goal 3
Standardization is an instrument of deregulation

Goal 4
Standardization and standards bodies promote technological convergence

Goal 5
Standards bodies provide efficient procedures and tools

The updated version of the strategy, "Update on the German Standardization Strategy : Focus on the future" takes into account new developments such as the German Federal Government's "Standardization Policy Concept", the position paper of the Federation of German Industries (BDI) on the future of standardization, the conclusions of the European Council on standardization and innovation, and various discussions within Germany among stakeholders, for example regarding better access to standardization.