Benefits for the consumers

The voice of the consumer is heard

Product recalls, dangerous household appliances, food safety scandals - over the past ten years consumer safety has increasingly gained public interest. Consumer protection organizations, testing institutes, the media and the government itself have all contributed to this trend.  

When it comes to the role standards play in consumer protection, DIN Consumer Council is the one to turn to. Founded in 1974 as a permanent committee of the DIN Presidial Board, the Consumer Council of DIN (VR) represents consumer interests in DIN’s standards work at national, European and international level. At the time of its foundation the Council mostly dealt with the safety of everyday household products - now it has a much broader remit that includes services, as well as new technologies. Demographic change and rapid technological advances have brought new areas of action, such as electromobility, carbon footprints, and the increased need for data privacy. Accessibility and ambient assisted living (AAL) bring with them new technical solutions that allow elderly persons to live independently in their own home environments. 

Children's toys, coffee makers, motorcycle helmets: Everyone uses objects that have been standardized. Standards ensure products are safe, environmentally sound, and fit for purpose - they also ensure legal certainty, especially in the case of services.


DIN Consumer Council represents consumer interests in standardization.

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