Local Charging station management systems and Local Energy Management Systems network connectivity and information exchange


This international standard defines the secure information exchange between Local Charging Station Management Systems (LCSMS), which may be part of EV supply equipment or implemented as sepa-rate local systems, and local Energy Management Systems (EMS) in homes and buildings. It will spe-cify use cases, the sequences of information exchanges, the data model and the communication pro-tocols to use and shall cover all aspects of local energy management of EV supply equipment. It will be based on energy transfer aspects, information exchange and data models defined in the IEC 61851 series and ISO 15118 series, ensuring interoperability of in-building appliances and local EMS. This standard does not cover the secure information exchange between the EV supply equipment and the IT backend system(s), such as the management of energy transfer of the charge session, contractual and billing data, provided by the IT backend.



Planned document number

DIN IEC 63380

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