Management of Distributed Energy Storage Systems based on Electrically Chargeable Vehicles (ECV-DESS) - Part 1: Definitions, Requirements and Use Cases - Part 2: Data models Protocols, Messages - Part 3: Conformance tests


This international standard (IS) will specify the characteristics related to grid services, the communica-tion and control functions of e-mobility DERs, precisely Distributed Energy Storage Systems, based on Electrically Chargeable Vehicle batteries (ECV-DESS), capable to perform Smart Charging (V1G), Vehicle to Grid (V2G) and Vehicle to Home (V2X) functions, which can be managed by a common Aggregator. It will specify the Use Cases, the technical requirements of system, the information exchange between the EV Charging Station Operator (CSO), the Aggregator and the Grid Operator, including both technical and business data, and the conformance tests. The IS will define the data models and the communication protocols to be utilized to perform the grid service functions, assuming already existing standardized solutions, whenever possible. The IS will support the Aggregator in defi-ning the technical and business requirements of service, both with the Grid Operator and with the CSO, or EV User, in order to provide the grid functions utilizing the distributed energy resources offe-red by a multitude of EVs. The conformance tests will cover the interface between Aggregator and CSO.



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DIN IEC 63382

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