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e-Competence performance indicators and common metrics


The aim of this document is to enable unbiased and consistent use of indicators and measurements to enable verification of an individual's competence to the EN 16234-1 (e-CF) to facilitate its consistent application. The document addresses the assessment of competence as articulated within the EN 16234-1 (e-CF), regardless of where, when and how the competence was attained or developed. The aim is to provide guidance on the use of indicators and measurements to support the assessment and/or verification of an IT professional's competence. Guidance is confined to possible indicators and how they can be applied to achieve consistency and transparency for the verification of an e-CF competence at a specific level (1-5). This document guides readers through objective assessment of e-CF competence to avoid possible influence from personal feelings, interpretations or prejudice. Finally, this document aims to offer, at least, examples of indicators and metrics for each of the e-competences listed in EN 16234-1 (e-CF).





Planned document number

DIN EN 00428011

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Responsible national committee

NA 043-02-02 AA - Professions for ICT  

Responsible european committee

CEN/TC 428/WG 3 - Education and Training  


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