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Draft standard

DIN EN ISO 9013/A1
Thermal cutting - Classification of thermal cuts - Geometrical product specification and quality tolerances - Amendment 1 (ISO 9013:2017/DAM 1:2023); German and English version EN ISO 9013:2017/prA1:2023

Title (German)

Thermisches Schneiden - Einteilung thermischer Schnitte - Geometrische Produktspezifikation und Qualität - Änderung 1 (ISO 9013:2017/DAM 1:2023); Deutsche und Englische Fassung EN ISO 9013:2017/prA1:2023

Responsible national committee

NA 092-00-20 AA - Cutting (DVS AG V 5)  

Responsible european committee

CEN/TC 121/WG 19 - Equipment for gas welding, cutting and allied processes  

Responsible international committee

ISO/TC 44/SC 8/WG 6 - Quality classification and dimensional tolerances of thermally cut surfaces  

Edition 2024-01
Original language German , English
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