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Technical Report [CURRENT]

DIN CEN/TR 15874 ; DIN SPEC 45659:2016-09
Railway applications - Noise emission - Road test of standard for rail roughness measurement EN 15610:2009; German version CEN/TR 15874:2009

Title (German)

Bahnanwendungen - Geräuschemission - Feldversuch zu EN 15610:2009 über Messung der Schienenrauheit im Hinblick auf die Entstehung von Rollgeräusch; Deutsche Fassung CEN/TR 15874:2009


Technical Report


The vibrations generated by the rolling of the wheel on the rail lead to sound radiation at the wheel, rail and sleeper. The combined roughness of the wheel and rail running surfaces, which excite the structures to vibrate due to the acting contact forces, is largely responsible for this. DIN EN 15610:2009 provides a method to determine the rail running surface roughness in the acoustically relevant range of wavelengths. Before DIN EN 15610:2009 was published, a field test was carried out to determine the extent to which the draft standard was interpreted uniformly by different measurement teams and whether the application of the standard with different measuring instruments resulted in a comparable estimate of the roughness spectrum. DIN CEN/TR 15874 (DIN SPEC 45659) describes the field test for the determination of the acoustic roughness of railroad running surfaces in application of DIN EN 15610:2009. The European technical report on which it is based has been prepared in Working Group WG 3 "Acoustics" of CEN/TC 256 "Railway applications". The German committee responsible for this standard is NA 001-01-05-01 UA "Spurgebundene Fahrzeuge - Kenngrößen" ("Rail vehicles - Characteristics") at DIN/VDI Standards Committee Acoustics, Noise Control and Vibration Engineering (NALS).

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Responsible national committee

NA 001-01-07 AA - Measurement of sound exposition on rail vehicles, including measurements inside the passenger compartment and at the workplace  

Edition 2016-09
Original language German
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