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DIN SPEC 35220
Adaption to climate change - Projections on climate change and ways for handling uncertainties

Title (German)

Anpassung an den Klimawandel - Umgang mit Unsicherheiten im Kontext von Projektionen




This specification is intended to promote and guide the discussions on climate protection and the adaptation to climate change as major challenges facing all of society. This DIN SPEC is therefore intended to be a practical orientation guide for dealing with the uncertainties in the projections of climate change and its consequences right now. Because, despite any uncertainties, measures to avoid and limit hazards and risks due to climate change have to be planned and implemented today. This DIN SPEC applies to all measures to be taken for climate protection and the adaptation to climate change, based on the projections of climate change. It is primarily intended for those involved in the preparation of standards, such as designers, manufacturers and other users of standards. The responsible national committee is DIN Working Group KU-AK 4 "Anpassung an den Klimawandel" ("Adaption to climate change") of the DIN Environmental Protection Helpdesk (EPH).

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Responsible national committee

KU-AK 4 - Adaptation to climate change 

Edition 2015-11
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