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DIN EN 62708
Document kinds for Electrical and Instrumentation Projects in the Process Industry (IEC 62708:2015); German version EN 62708:2015

Title (German)

Dokumentarten für die Elektro- und Leittechnik-Planung in Projekten der verfahrenstechnischen Industrie (IEC 62708:2015); Deutsche Fassung EN 62708:2015


The engineering in the process industry is driven by international cooperation. Due to economic reasons, special know-how, special licence, authorization or simply utilisation the work is split between partners. They will arrange their cooperation for each individual project differently. This requires well defined split of work and responsibilities. Documents are the base for these definitions since they are the result of any engineering work. If there is only the name of a document without further description of form and content, it will be likely that each partner develops their own view of the result of their efforts. Therefore, for each project the definition of deliverable documents is a major issue. The name of a document is often used for similar but in detail different documents. This standard will take the most commonly used name from synonymous names as the document kind name, intending to make other alternatives obsolete. The first aim of this standard is to avoid misunderstandings and erroneous elaboration of documents in order to reduce additional corrective works and expenses for clarification between partners. The second aim is to provide the convenience of document handling by using the IEC 61355 database. This standard will provide document kind names, document kind classification codes specified by IEC 61355, and some templates. To cover these aims, individual document kind names are specified, but it is not specified which documents are mandatory or optional. The responsible committee is DKE/K 941 "Engineering" ("Engineering") of the DKE (German Commission for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies) at DIN and VDE.

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Responsible national committee

DKE/K 941 - Engineering  

Edition 2015-10
Original language German
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