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DIN 32981
Tactile and acoustic devices for blind and partially sighted persons on traffic signals - Requirements

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Einrichtungen für blinde und sehbehinderte Menschen an Straßenverkehrs-Signalanlagen (SVA) - Anforderungen


In order to enable the approximately 150 000 blind and 500 000 partially sighted persons in Germany to participate in public road traffic in a safe and unhindered manner, blind-specific devices on traffic signals are required, among other things. Many municipal administrations have complied with this as part of their traffic safety obligations and, depending on the manufacturers' offer, have installed appropriate blind-specific devices at the regionally used traffic signals. With the increasing mobility of the blind and partially sighted persons and thus also the expansion of their radius of action, it is imperative to create a standardization of the blind-specific devices at the traffic signals in order to avoid possible dangers of accidents that can result from the misinterpretation of different signals. By completing a mobility and orientation course, blind and partially sighted persons are able to find their way around in traffic largely independently of sighted assistance using acoustic and tactile information. This standard specifies requirements for tactile and acoustic equipment in stationary traffic signals and pedestrian crossings in public roads in conjunction with DIN EN 50556 (VDE 0832-100), DIN VDE V 0832-110, DIN EN 50293 (VDE 0832-200) and the guidelines for traffic signals (RiLSA). It also applies to transportable traffic signals with crossing or converging traffic if additional signals are required for blind and partially sighted persons. In the case of light signals that are under renovation or require replacement signalling due to construction work, the temporary system should be designed with additional signals for blind and partially sighted persons.

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NA 176-06-03 AA - Assistive products for communication and orientation for blind and visually impaired persons 

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