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DIN SPEC 91325
Characterization of sprays and spraying processes by measuring the size and velocity of non-transparent droplets; Text in German and English

Title (German)

Charakterisierung von Sprays und Sprühprozessen durch die Messung der Größe und der Geschwindigkeit nicht-transparenter Tropfen; Text Deutsch und Englisch




This DIN SPEC has been prepared in the course of the PAS procedure by a workshop (temporary committee). The document has been prepared and adopted by the authors cited in the Foreword. The planned DIN SPEC establishes a procedure for the characterization of industrial sprays and accordingly, the drops or wetted particles that form the spray. For this purpose, guidelines for the measurement of sizes of spherical drops or nearly spherical drops have been defined. In such cases, the drop size is solely defined by the diameter. The DIN SPEC includes requirements about the necessary spatial resolution of the employed technique. Furthermore, guidelines for the acquisition of drop velocities and the related mass flux densities are provided. Beyond that, recommendations for the acceptable uncertainty of the measurement results are given. This DIN SPEC is valid for applications, where the drop diameters are in the range of approx. 1 µm to 1 mm in order to cover a large part of all industrial sprays. In addition, the properties which the method must have in order to detect droplets for which a measurable proportion of incident light is absorbed has been specified. Guidelines have been defined for the detection of outliers, i.e. drops whose diameters or velocities strongly deviate from mean or characteristic values of the overall spray.

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Edition 2015-06
Original language German, English
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