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DIN 86210-2
Replenishment with operating materials and disposal of fluid waste from seagoing vessels - Part 2: Emergency release couplings up to PN 10; Text in German and English

Title (German)

Versorgung mit Betriebsstoffen und Entsorgung von flüssigem Abfall von Seeschiffen - Teil 2: Nottrennkupplungen bis PN 10; Text Deutsch und Englisch


This standard specifies requirements and describes potential applications for emergency release couplings used for on-board and shoreside or barge-side connections for supplying heavy fuels, diesel fuels, lubricants and fresh water to vessels, and for discharging sludge, wastewater, waste oil and other fluids from seagoing vessels. The standard documents in a table the allocation of nominal diameters to specific media. For emergency release couplings the materials to be used and the necessary marking of the fittings are also described. Two different types of emergency release couplings are normally manufactured and used, depending on the individual application. The types work according to the following basic principle: The joint between the two coupling halves is separated when a defined axial load (maximum tensile force or maximum tensile displacement) is reached, and the two hose ends are sealed by automatically closing valves to prevent leakage. Hose assemblies shall conform to DIN EN 1765 "Rubber hose assemblies for oil suction and discharge services - Specification for the assemblies" or DIN EN 12115 "Rubber and thermoplastics hoses and hose assemblies for liquid or gaseous chemicals - Specification", the fittings shall conform to DIN EN 14420-2 to DIN EN 14420-5 "Hose fittings with clamp units". As a rule, the emergency release couplings should have the following properties, such as shafting (connection of the coupling halves stable to transverse forces), preferably force-controlled release that meets the fluidic requirements. The committee responsible for this standard is NA 132-02-07 AA "Betankungs- und Pipelineschläuche" ("Tubes for refuelling and pipeline").

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Responsible national committee

NA 132-02-07 AA - Hoses for fuelling and pipelines  

Edition 2015-06
Original language German , English
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