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Standards [CURRENT]

VG 95958
Bellows expansion joints - Expansion joints made of elastomers - Technical specification; Text in German and English

Title (German)

Balgkompensatoren - Kompensatoren aus Elastomeren - Technische Spezifikation; Text Deutsch und Englisch


VG 95958 describes the technical specification of bellow-shaped elastomeric expansions joints according to VG 95959. This standard does not apply to bellows expansion joints in gas installations as far as hydraulic systems convey media other than mineral oils. Bellows expansion joints according to this standard are generally not flameproof without a flame protection cover. VG 95958 does not apply to bellows expansion joints for use in aircrafts. The clause "Requirements" documents the technical and organizational requirements, such as those regarding approval and quality testing. For the purpose of approval, the specifications according to VG 95211 apply. By means of test certificates, the customer needs to confirm compliance of his products with the requirements of this standard. In tabulated form, requirements and tests are listed in Table 1. Essential requirements are those regarding, among others, resistance to media and temperature resistance, fire resistance, electrical resistivity, application period and storage period. Another clause describes the required quality assurance and testing. This standard has been prepared by Working Committee NA 132-02-09 AA "Kompensatoren" ("Expansion joints") of the Shipbuilding and Marine Technology Standards Committee (NSMT) at DIN.

Responsible national committee

NA 132-02-09 AA - Expansion joints  

Edition 2014-09
Original language German , English
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