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DIN 6858-1
Quality control of multi-modal imaging - Part 1: Routine test PET/CT

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Qualitätsprüfung multimodaler Bildgebung - Teil 1: Konstanzprüfung PET/CT


This standard applies for hybrid devices that connect a positron emission tomograph (PET) with a CT scanner in one device. The standard specifies methods for the routine test with which the parameters are tested for which the correct allocation of the CT and PET data set is necessary. The energy-dependent scaling of the absorption coefficients is part of acceptance testing and is not part of this standard. The fusion of functional and morphological information for PET/CT is based on the interaction of both components, that is the image fusion is inherent by the device properties and is described by the transformation parameters. Furthermore, the CT data are used by suitable conversion of the measured absorption coefficients for absorption correction of the emission data. Specifications for the routine test are contained in DIN EN 61223-2-6 for CT scanners and in DIN 6855-4 for positron-emission tomographs. The standard has been prepared by NA 080-00-03 AA "Nuklearmedizin" ("Nuclear medicine") at the Radiology Standards Committee (NAR).

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NA 080-00-03 AA - Nuclear medicine 

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