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DIN EN 14181
Stationary source emissions - Quality assurance of automated measuring systems; German version EN 14181:2014

Title (German)

Emissionen aus stationären Quellen - Qualitätssicherung für automatische Messeinrichtungen; Deutsche Fassung EN 14181:2014


This European Standard specifies procedures for establishing quality assurance levels for automated measuring systems (AMS) installed on industrial plants for the determination of the flue gas components and other flue gas parameters. With these quality assurance levels, procedures for calibrating the automated measuring system and determining the variability of the measured values obtained by it, so as to demonstrate the suitability of the automated measuring system for its application following its installation. Furthermore, a procedure for maintaining and demonstrating the required quality of the measurement results during the normal operation of the automated measuring system, by checking that the characteristics are consistent with the parameters determined during the suitability check. This is supplemented by a procedure for the annual surveillance tests of the automated measuring system in order to evaluate that it functions correctly and its performance remains valid and that its calibration function and variability remain as previously determined. The revised edition of EN 14181 contains additions with respect to certain situations not or insufficiently considered in the previous edition without changing the specified principles. This includes in particular: - the essential requirement that AMS shall be certified according to EN 15267, - the treatment of already installed AMS; - the installation of AMS under consideration of EN 15259; - the establishment of a calibration function at low emission levels; - the use of reference materials for calibration purposes; - the calibration of the AMS for peripheral parameters; - execution of an annual surveillance test instead of calibration in case the emission level has been very low since the previous calibration; - use of several charts for continuing quality control. This European Standard is intended for plant operators using AMS, testing laboratories calibrating and checking AMS, manufacturers of corresponding measurement devices and competent authorities. This European Standard covers in particular aspects of environmental protection and quality control during emission monitoring.

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Responsible national committee

NA 134-04-03-10 UA - Emission monitoring by automated systems  

Responsible european committee

CEN/TC 264/WG 9 - Emissions – Quality assurance of AMS  

Edition 2015-02
Original language German
Translation English
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