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Technical Specification [CURRENT]

DIN CEN/TS 14418 ; DIN SPEC 60018:2014-12
Geosynthetic barriers - Test method for the determination of the influence of freezing-thawing cycles on the permeability of clay geosynthetic barriers; German version CEN/TS 14418:2014

Title (German)

Geosynthetische Dichtungsbahnen - Prüfverfahren zur Bestimmung des Einflusses von Frost-Tau-Zyklen auf die Wasserdurchlässigkeit von geosynthetischen Tondichtungsbahnen; Deutsche Fassung CEN/TS 14418:2014




This Technical Specification defines a method for determination of the influence of freezing-thawing cycles on the permeability of clay geosynthetic barriers. This type of durability is required for many applications of these products. The influence ratio represents an indicator for the behaviour of the product when it is exposed to repeated freezing-thawing cycles in earth works. The flow rate of saturated clay geosynthetic barriers can increase if they are exposed to repeated freezing-thawing cycles. The Technical Specification does not claim to treat all of the safety problems connected with its application if such are given. The user of this standard is responsible for taking suitable measures in the area of safety and health protection in accordance with the rules and legal provisions regardless of the text of this Technical Specification. The flow rate determined by this test method is not regarded as representative for the recurring flow rate of GBR-C. This test determines the influence of freezing-thawing cycles in the absence of any other circumstances, for example cation exchange. This document describes an index test to determine the influence ratio of freezing-thawing cycles on the flow rate through saturated clay geosynthetic barriers. This test method is applicable to GBR-C products with no additional sealing layers attached. The committee responsible for this standard is NA 106-01-11 AA "Geotextilien und Geokunststoffe; SpA zu CEN/TC 189 und ISO/TC 221" ("Geotextiles and geosynthetics; Mirror Committee of CEN/TC 189 and ISO/TC 221") at DIN.

Document: references other documents

Responsible national committee

NA 106-01-11 AA - Geotextiles and geosynthetics; mirror committee to CEN/TC 189 and ISO/TC 221  

Responsible european committee

CEN/TC 189/WG 4 - Hydraulic testing  

Edition 2014-12
Original language German
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