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DIN EN 203-2-7
Gas heated catering equipment - Part 2-7: Specific requirements - Salamanders and rotisseries; German version EN 203-2-7:2014

Title (German)

Großküchengeräte für gasförmige Brennstoffe - Teil 2-7: Spezifische Anforderungen - Salamander und Grillgeräte; Deutsche Fassung EN 203-2-7:2014


This document belongs to the Parts 2 of the DIN EN 203 standard series and supplements or modifies the relevant clauses of EN 203-1 "Gas heated catering equipment - Part 1: General safety rules" to change it into a European Standard on gas heated salamanders and rotisseries. It contains specific requirements for the design and operation relating to safety and marking of gas heated salamanders and rotisseries for use in commercial kitchens. The responsible committee is NA 040-05-01 AA "Gasbeheizte Großküchengeräte - Deutscher Spiegelausschuss CEN/TC 106 Gasbeheizte Großküchengeräte" ("Large kitchen appliances using gaseous fuels - German mirror committee CEN/TC 106 large kitchen appliances using gaseous fuels") at DIN.

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Responsible national committee

NA 040-05-01 AA - Large kitchen appliances using gaseous fuels - German mirror committee CEN/TC 106 lage kitcen appliances using gaseous fuels  

Responsible european committee

CEN/TC 106/WG 1 - Safety and rationale use of energy  

Edition 2014-07
Original language German
Translation English
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