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Technical Report [CURRENT]

DIN CEN/TR 16632 ; DIN SPEC 18087:2014-10
Isothermal Conduction Calorimetry (ICC) for the determination of heat of hydration of cement: State of Art Report and Recommendations; German version CEN/TR 16632:2014

Title (German)

Bestimmung der Hydratationswärme von Zement durch isotherme Wärmeflusskalorimetrie: Stand der Technik und Empfehlungen; Deutsche Fassung CEN/TR 16632:2014


Technical Report


This Technical Report describes the current state of the art regarding the use of isothermal conduction calorimetry for the determination of the heat of hydration of cement and gives recommendations for the measurement of the heat of hydration of cement using isothermal conduction calorimetry. The national committee responsible for this standard is Working Committee NA 005-07-13 AA "Zement (SpA zu Teilbereichen von CEN/TC 51 und ISO/TC 74)" ("Cement (Mirror Committee of parts of CEN/TC 51 and ISO/TC 74)") of the German Civil Engineering Standards Committee (NABau) at DIN.

Document: references other documents

Responsible national committee

NA 005-07-13 AA - Cement (national mirror committee for CEN/TC 51 and ISO/TC 74)  

Responsible european committee

CEN/TC 51/WG 12 - Special performance criteria  

Edition 2014-10
Original language German
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