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DIN 6855-2
Constancy testing of nuclear medical measuring systems - Part 2: Single crystal gamma-cameras used in planar scintigraphy and in anger type gamma cameras with rotating detector heads used in single photon emission tomography

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Konstanzprüfung nuklearmedizinischer Messsysteme - Teil 2: Einkristall-Gamma-Kameras zur planaren Szintigraphie und zur Einzel-Photonen-Emissions-Tomographie mit Hilfe rotierender Messköpfe


This standard defines methods for constancy testing of single crystal gamma-cameras used in planar scintigraphy and in single photon emission tomography (SPECT) by means of one or more single crystal detector heads of a gamma-camera with parallel hole collimators, including integrated or connected systems for measurement data acquisition and evaluation. Methods for acceptance tests are described in DIN EN 60789 and DIN EN 61675-2. Measurements based on this standard are not intended for establishing correcting quantities. This standard has been prepared by Working Committee NA 080-00-03 AA "Nuklearmedizin" ("Nuclear medicine") of the Radiology Standards Committee (NAR).

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NA 080-00-03 AA - Nuclear medicine 

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