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DIN EN ISO 527-2
Plastics - Determination of tensile properties - Part 2: Test conditions for moulding and extrusion plastics (ISO 527-2:2012); German version EN ISO 527-2:2012

Title (German)

Kunststoffe - Bestimmung der Zugeigenschaften - Teil 2: Prüfbedingungen für Form- und Extrusionsmassen (ISO 527-2:2012); Deutsche Fassung EN ISO 527-2:2012


The committee responsible for this standard is NA 054-01-02 AA "Mechanische Eigenschaften und Probekörperherstellung" ("Mechanical properties and preparation of test specimens") at DIN. This part of ISO 527 specifies the test conditions for determining the tensile properties of moulding and extrusion plastics, based upon the general principles given in ISO 527-1. The methods are selectively suitable for use with the following range of materials: rigid and semi-rigid thermoplastics moulding, extrusion and cast materials, including compounds filled and reinforced by, for example, short fibres, small rods, plates or granules but excluding textile fibres (see ISO 527-4 and ISO 527-5). See ISO 527-1:2012, clause 3 for the definition of "rigid" and "semi-rigid". rigid and semi-rigid thermosetting moulding and cast materials, including filled and reinforced compounds but excluding textile fibres as reinforcement (see ISO 527-4 and ISO 527-5); thermotropic liquid crystal polymers. The methods are not normally suitable for use with rigid cellular materials or sandwich structures containing cellular material. For rigid cellular materials see ISO 1926. The methods are not suitable for flexible films and sheets, of thickness smaller than 1 mm, see ISO 527-3. The methods are applied using specimens which may be either moulded to the chosen dimensions or machined, cut or punched from injection- or compression-moulded plates. The multipurpose test specimen is preferred (see ISO 20753). This standard replaces DIN EN ISO 572-2:1996-07. This standard differs from DIN EN ISO 527-2:1996-07 as follows: the text of the standard has been editorially revised; normative references have been updated; clauses 3 and 4 have been restructured; subclause 6.1 has been revised; subclause 6.5 has been included; clause 11 is now Annex B; Table 1 has been revised; Annex B (Precision statement) has been added.

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Responsible national committee

NA 054-01-02 AA - Mechanical properties and preparation of test specimens  

Responsible european committee

CEN/TC 249 - Plastics  

Responsible international committee

ISO/TC 61/SC 2/WG 1 - Static behavior  

Edition 2012-06
Original language German
Translation English
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