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Destructive tests on welds in metallic materials - Bend tests (ISO 5173:2009 + Amd 1:2011); German version EN ISO 5173:2010 + A1:2011

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Zerstörende Prüfungen von Schweißnähten an metallischen Werkstoffen - Biegeprüfungen (ISO 5173:2009 + Amd 1:2011); Deutsche Fassung EN ISO 5173:2010 + A1:2011


This standard specifies a method for performing transverse root, face and side bend tests on the test specimens taken from butt welds, butt welds with cladding (subdivided into welds in clad plates and clad welds) and cladding without butt welds, in order to assess ductility and/or absence of imperfections on or near the surface of the test specimen. It also gives the dimensions of the test specimen. In addition, this standard specifies a method for performing longitudinal root and face bend tests to be used instead of transverse bend tests for heterogeneous assemblies when base materials and/or filler metal have significant differences in their physical and mechanical properties in relation to bending. It applies to metallic materials in all forms of product with welded joints made by any fusion arc welding process. DIN EN ISO 5173:2012 contains the text of the standard ISO 5173:2009 which has been prepared by ISO/TC 44/SC 5 "Testing and inspection of welds" (secretariat: ANSI, USA) and has been adopted identically as a European Standard by CEN/TC 121 "Welding" (secretariat: DIN, Germany) as well as its Amendment A1 (ISO 5173:2009/Amd 1:2011). The following modifications have been made with respect to DIN EN ISO 5173:2010-08: a) test specimen width for pipe diameter > 50 mm has been adapted in The responsible German standardization committee is Joint Working Committee NA 092-00-05 GA "NAS/NMP: Zerstörende Prüfung von Schweißverbindungen (DVS AG Q 4)" ("NAS/NMP: Destructive tests of welds (DVS AG Q 4)") at NAS.

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Responsible national committee

NA 092-00-05 GA - Joint working committee NAS/NMP: Destructive testing of welds (DVS AG Q 4/Q 4.1) 

Responsible european committee

CEN/TC 121 - Welding and allied processes 

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