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DIN EN 13352
Specification for the performance of automatic tank contents gauges; German version EN 13352:2012

Title (German)

Anforderungen an automatische Tankfüllstandmessgeräte; Deutsche Fassung EN 13352:2012


This European Standard has been prepared by Working Group 8 "Electronic equipment and products" (secretariat: DIN) of Technical Committee CEN/TC 296 "Tanks for transport of dangerous goods" (secretariat: France). Regarding German collaboration, the committee responsible for the preparation of this standard is Working Committee NA 104-02-04 AA "Überfüllsicherungen und Füllstandsanzeiger" ("Overfill prevention devices and tank content gauges") at the Tank Installations Standards Committee (NATank) at DIN, the German Institute for Standardization e. V. This European Standard specifies the minimum performance requirements for various classes of automatic tank gauges which are limited to static tanks of shop fabricated manufacture both metallic and non-metallic, underground and above ground which do not exceed 5 m in height. It is applicable to gauges for fuels (products) which are flammable, having a flash point up to but not exceeding 100 °C, stored at premises (for example, filling stations) at which fuel is dispensed for use in vehicles and other forms of transportation. This European Standard applies to gauges suitable for use at ambient temperatures and subject to normal operational pressure variations. Gauging of liquefied gases are not covered by this standard. This European Standard relates to the measurement of product level, measurement of product temperature and detection of the presence of free water. The detection of free water may be compromised for alcohol-blended fuels. This standard is not intended to cover legal metrology requirements. The following basic modifications have been made with respect to EN 13352:2002: a) test liquid changed; b) requirement concerning the compatibility of the materials in contact with fuels (including ethanol blends and biodiesel) and/or their vapour added; c) test equipment modified; d) test procedures modified to reduce the number of tests without affect the overall performances; some procedures are performed in climatic chamber; e) some notes about the performance of water indication added that may be affected if the fuel to monitor is an ethanol blend; f) information concerning environmental aspects included.

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Responsible national committee

NA 104-02-04 AA - Overfill prevention devices and tank content gauges  

Responsible european committee

CEN/TC 393 - Equipment for storage tanks and for service stations  

Edition 2012-06
Original language German
Translation English
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