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DIN 1460-2
Romanization of cyrillic alphabets - Part 2: Romanization of cyrillic alphabets of non-slavic languages

Title (German)

Umschrift kyrillischer Alphabete - Teil 2: Umschrift kyrillischer Alphabete nicht-slawischer Sprachen


The publication of DIN 1460-2:2010-03 contained the wrong Unicode values for the diacritical marks. In the new edition, these errors are corrected. DIN 1460-2 deals with the transliteration of Cyrillic characters of non-Slavic languages into the Latin alphabet. 62 languages of the Caucasian-Asiatic region, ranging from Abaza, through the Eskimo language to the Vakh dialect of the Kanthy language are listed in a comparative transliteration table and assigned to Latin characters. The standard is suitable for all application areas. The standard responsible for the standard is Working Committee NA 009-00-01 AA "Transliteration und Transkription" ("Transliteration and transcription") at NABD.

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Responsible national committee

NA 009-00-01 AA - Transliteration and transcription  

Edition 2011-10
Original language German
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