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DIN EN 13050
Curtain Walling - Watertightness - Laboratory test under dynamic condition of air pressure and water spray; German version EN 13050:2011

Title (German)

Vorhangfassaden - Schlagregendichtheit - Laborprüfung mit wechselndem Luftdruck und Besprühen mit Wasser; Deutsche Fassung EN 13050:2011


This European Standard defines an additional test method which may be used when assessing the watertightness of curtain walling, both fixed and openable parts. It is a supplementary test, not required for classification purposes, and it should be used only when the project specifier has determined its necessity. It describes how the outside face of a curtain walling specimen should be subjected to a continuous spray of water and a turbulent airflow, with continuous pulses of positive air pressure on the outside of the test specimen generated from within the chamber. This standard applies to any type of curtain walling as defined in EN 13830. The Committee responsible for this standard is NA 005-09-01 AA "Türen, Tore, Fenster, Abschlüsse, Baubeschläge und Vorhangfassaden (SpA zu CEN/TC 33 und ISO/TC 162") ("Doors, windows, shutters, building hardware and curtain walling (Mirror Committee of CEN/TC 33 and ISO/TC 162)") at DIN.

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Responsible national committee

NA 005-09-01 AA - Doors, windows, shutters, building hardware and curtain walling (national mirror committee for CEN/TC 33 and ISO/TC 162) 

Responsible european committee

CEN/TC 33/WG 6 - Curtain walling 

Edition 2011-09
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