DIN SPEC 70121
Electromobility - Digital communication between a d.c. EV charging station and an electric vehicle for control of d.c. charging in the Combined Charging System; Text in English

Title (German)

Elektromobilität - Digitale Kommunikation zwischen einer Gleichstrom-Ladestation und einem Elektrofahrzeug zur Regelung der Gleichstromladung im Verbund-Ladesystem; Text in Englisch




This preliminary standard defines the communication between the electric vehicle supply equipment and the electric vehicle with regard to d.c. charging. The preliminary standard is based on requirements specified in ISO 15118-2 for the charging of electric vehicles with d.c. energy. Users of this preliminary standard are vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers as well as energy suppliers and suppliers of charging stations. This preliminary standard specifies requirements for the communication protocol for d.c. charging as well as communication regarding the voltage network. The preliminary standard refers mainly to the requirements specified in the International Standard series ISO/IEC 15118.

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Responsible national committee

NA 052-00-31-01 GAK - Joint working group NAAutomobil/DKE: Vehicle to grid communication interface (V2G CI) 

Edition 2014-12
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