Overview of standardization activities in the field of COMPOSITES

Number: 3

International standardization and national mirror committee

ISO/TC 61 Plastics Secretariat: SAC
Mechanical behavior ISO/TC 61/SC 2 Secretariat: SAC
Static behavior ISO/TC 61/SC 2/WG 1 Secretariat: DIN
Hardness and surface properties ISO/TC 61/SC 2/WG 2 Secretariat: DSM
Impact and high speed properties ISO/TC 61/SC 2/WG 3 Secretariat: ANSI
Temperature dependent behavior ISO/TC 61/SC 2/WG 5 Secretariat: UNI
Dimensions of test specimens ISO/TC 61/SC 2/WG 6 Secretariat: SAC
Fracture and fatigue behavior ISO/TC 61/SC 2/WG 7 Secretariat: KATS
Forms of data presentation ISO/TC 61/SC 2/WG 8 Secretariat: JISC
Physical-chemical properties ISO/TC 61/SC 5 Secretariat: DIN
Viscosity ISO/TC 61/SC 5/WG 5 Secretariat: DIN
Thermal analysis ISO/TC 61/SC 5/WG 8 Secretariat: DIN
Rheology ISO/TC 61/SC 5/WG 9 Secretariat: KATS
Analytical methods ISO/TC 61/SC 5/WG 11 Secretariat: SAC
Polymer dispersions ISO/TC 61/SC 9/WG 14 Secretariat: KATS
Preparation of test specimens ISO/TC 61/SC 9/WG 18 Secretariat: SAC
Plastics films and sheeting ISO/TC 61/SC 11/WG 3 Secretariat: JISC
Composites and reinforcement fibres ISO/TC 61/SC 13 Secretariat: JISC
Laminates and moulding compounds ISO/TC 61/SC 13/WG 2 Secretariat: BSI
ISO/TC 135 Non-destructive testing Secretariat: JISC
Personnel qualification ISO/TC 135/SC 7 Secretariat: SCC
Thermographic testing ISO/TC 135/SC 8 Secretariat: KATS
Terminology and vocabulary ISO/TC 135/SC 8/WG 1 Secretariat: KATS
NDT-IRT-General principles ISO/TC 135/SC 8/WG 2 Secretariat: JISC
NDT-IR-System and equipment ISO/TC 135/SC 8/WG 3 Secretariat: SAC
Acoustic emission testing ISO/TC 135/SC 9 Secretariat: SAC
ISO/TC 206 Fine ceramics Secretariat: JISC

Number: 5

European standardization and national mirror committee

Materials ASD-STAN/D 4 Secretariat: AFNOR
Elastomers/Sealants ASD-STAN/D 4/WG 7 Secretariat: AFNOR
Composite ASD-STAN/D 4/WG 8
CEN/TC 138 Non-destructive testing Secretariat: AFNOR
Ultrasonic testing CEN/TC 138/WG 2 Secretariat: DIN
Acoustic emission testing CEN/TC 138/WG 7 Secretariat: ASI
Themographic testing CEN/TC 138/WG 11 Secretariat: DIN
CEN/TC 184 Advanced technical ceramics Secretariat: DIN
Advanced technical ceramics - ceramic composites CEN/TC 184/SC 1 Secretariat: AFNOR
CEN/TC 193 Adhesives Secretariat: UNE
Structural adhesives CEN/TC 193/WG 2 Secretariat: UNE
CEN/TC 249 Plastics Secretariat: NBN

Number: 2

National standardization without European or International counterpart

NA 062 DIN Standards Committee Materials Testing
NA 131 DIN Standards Committee Aerospace