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Flight dynamics - Concepts, quantities and symbols - Part 7: Flight points and flight envelopes

Flight dynamics - Concepts, quantities and symbols - Part 11: Control system: classification, terminology, notions and definitions


ISO/CD 15389

Space systems - Flight-to-ground umbilicals

Thermoplastic pipes for the conveyance of fluids - Inspection of polyethylene butt fusion joints using time of flight diffraction testing

Flight dynamics concepts, quantities and symbols

Space product assurance - Processing and quality assurance requirements for hard brazing of metallic materials for flight hardware

Flight dynamics - Vocabulary - Part 8: Dynamic behaviour of aircraft


ISO/CD 16694

Space systems - The measured parameters at firing bench and flight tests of liquid rocket engines

General requirements of flight control system for civil small and light multirotor UAS


ISO/DIS 5110

Test method for flight stability of multi-copter UAS under wind and rain conditions