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Miscellaneous cap/holder fits covering projection, miniature and photo lamps etc.

LED packages - Long-term luminous flux maintenance projection

Maintenance of IEC 61966-6:2005 (Ed. 1): Multimedia systems and equipment - Colour measurement and management - Part 6: Front projection displays

Displays, projection and lighting

Displays, projection and interior lighting

6868-4 Projection Radiography and Fluoroscopy

Resistance spot, projection and seam welding (DVS AG V 3.2)

Digital cinema - Image Projection - Part 1: Image geometries, their tolerances and test patterns

Railway applications - Aerodynamics - Fundamentals for test procedures for train-induced ballast projection

Information technologies - JPEG systems - Part 6: JPEG 360 - Amendment 2: Revision to the equirectangular projection constraints