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Fire-fighting equipment for fire-fighting and rescue service vehicles - Part 18: Additional equipment loading sets for fire fighting vehicles; Supplement 10: Equipment loading sets J, forest fire

Telecommunications and exchange between information technology systems - Requirements for local and metropolitan area networks - Part 3: Standard for Ethernet - Amendment 10: Maintenance 14: Isolation



Spectator facilities - Part 10: Calculating of safe capacity in case of emergency

Intelligent transport systems - DATEX II data exchange specifications for traffic management and information - Part 10: Energy infrastructure publications


DIN 30-10

Technical product documentation - Simplified drawing - Part 10: Simplified indications and collective indication, execution


DIN 1052-10

Design of timber structures - Part 10: Additional provisions


DIN 1164-10

Special cement - Part 10: Composition and requirements for cement with low effective alkali content


DIN 3509

Valves for potable water supply in buildings - Draw-off taps (PN 10) - Requirements and tests


DIN 5033-10

Colorimetry - Part 10: Reflectance black standard for calibration in colorimetry and photometry


DIN 19684-10

Soil quality - Chemical laboratory tests - Part 10: Testing and evaluation of water for irrigation