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Standards [CURRENT]

ASTM D 445

Standard Test Method for Kinematic Viscosity of Transparent and Opaque Liquids (and Calculation of Dynamic Viscosity)
Edition 2021

Additive manufacturing of metals - Process characteristics and performance - Metal powder bed fusion process to meet critical applications (ISO/ASTM DIS 52904:2022); German and English version prEN ISO/ASTM 52904:2022
Edition 2022-11

Standards [CURRENT]

DIN 3341

Plate valves for displacement compressors; suction valves, discharge valves; main dimensions, materials, installation
Edition 1989-07

Standards [CURRENT]

DIN 51502

Designation of lubricants and marking of lubricant containers, equipment and lubricating points
Edition 1990-08

Standards [CURRENT]

DIN 65065

Aerospace; resins for fiber reinforced, technical specification
Edition 1979-08

Standards [CURRENT]

DIN 65373

Aerospace; polyamide (PA) semi-finished products and moulded parts; technical specification
Edition 1989-11

Standards [CURRENT]

DIN 4140

Insulation work on industrial installations and building equipment - Execution of thermal and cold insulations; Text in German and English
Edition 2023-05

Standards [CURRENT]

DIN EN 10323

Steel wire and wire products - Bead wire; German version EN 10323:2004
Edition 2004-11

Standards [CURRENT]

DIN 5033-7

Colorimetry - Part 7: Measuring conditions for object colours
Edition 2014-10

Standards [CURRENT]

DIN EN 13942

Petroleum and natural gas industries - Pipeline transportation systems - Pipeline valves (ISO 14313:2007 modified + Cor 1:2009); English version EN 13942:2009 + AC:2009
Edition 2009-06

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