The DIN Mobility Office is involved in numerous standardization and research projects at international as well as national level.

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ELSTA - Promoting electromobility through standardization

The aim of ELSTA is to establish Germany as the lead market for electromobility through proactive work in the field of standardization. German industry and research institutions will strengthen their pioneering role in setting standards in electromobility by coordinating activities, strengthening international collaborations and suitable technical measures.

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EmoStar²K – Promoting electromobility through standardization, coordination and enhancing public awareness

EmoStar²K’s approach was to carry out suitable measures to enhance Germany’s leading role in setting standards for electromobility with the targeted support of German industry and research organizations and by stepping up the role of public relations work.


Electrical city bus systems in Germany and China - Requirements profile, system technologies and standards

We take part in the sub-project providing consultation on standards and specifications.


MorEH2 – Methods for the spatially distributed development of H2 fuel cell vehicles in cooperation with China

We take part in the sub-project providing consultation on standards and specifications.


PANDA – Powerful Advanced N-Level Digital Architecture for models of electrified vehicles and their components

We are a member of the steering committee providing consultation on standards and specifications.


DIN SPEC 79009 - EPAC bicycles - Environmental test - Safety aspects

This DIN SPEC applies to the electrical drive components of electrical bicycles and cargo bikes which can reach a speed of 25 km/h or 45 km/h, respectively.

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DIN SPEC 91412 - Electric Mobility – Terminology and graphical symbols

This DIN SPEC provides a uniform terminology and set of graphic symbols that will support communication in the electromobility sector, both among the public and among experts. It contains a collection of standardized terms and symbols. 

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DIN SPEC 91433 - Guidelines for search area and location identification and recommendations for reporting and approval procedures in charging infrastructure planning

This DIN SPEC serves as a guideline for the procedure for search area and location identification of charging infrastructure for battery-powered vehicles, as well as the data to be taken into consideration. In addition, it will describe the process sequence and, in particular, the interfaces between the actors involved in the approval process. This DIN SPEC is primarily aimed at stakeholders engaged in the planning and implementation of charging infrastructure as well as reporting and approval authorities for charging infrastructure.

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DIN SPEC 91340 - Terminology of intelligent individual urban mobility

This DIN SPEC defines terminology in the area of intelligent individual urban mobility and serves as a tool for the next planning stages, technological developments and services.

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  • Mobility of tomorrow. Inconceivable without standards and specifications

  • Standards and specifications. Here is an overview of electromobility standards and specifications that are being developed at national and international level, or that have already been published.