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Here is a selection of various packaging standards and specifications relevant to the Circular Economy.

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Requirements and test methods for home compostable carrier bags Show

One goal of the Circular Economy is to close recycling cycles. Another goal is to close biological cycles, e.g. through compostable products. This is supported by the European draft standard E DIN EN 17427:2020-04 "Packaging - Requirements and test scheme for carrier bags suitable for treatment in well-managed home composting installations". This standard sets out a test scheme and requirements for the labelling of carrier bags made from all materials deemed suitable for feeding into controlled home composting facilities by householders for personal use. Compostable bags according to E DIN EN 17427 thus contribute to the creation of new biological cycles. 

Requirements for packaging recoverable by material recycling Show

The harmonized European Standard DIN EN 13430:2004-10 "Packaging - Requirements for packaging recoverable by material recycling" specifies requirements for packaging that is classified as recyclable material and thus re-enters the recycling loop. The standard provides guidance on how to determine the proportion of recyclable material. 

Packaging - Reuse Show

The harmonized European Standard DIN EN 13429:2004-10 "Packaging - Reuse" specifies  requirements for classifying packaging as reusable and gives procedures for assessing compliance with the requirements contained in related systems. Closed loop, open loop and mixed systems are considered. In this way, the standard supports the longest possible use of packaging.