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DIN 69909-3
Multi-Project Management - Management of project portfolios, programmes and projects - Part 3: Methods

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Multiprojektmanagement - Management von Projektportfolios, Programmen und Projekten - Teil 3: Methoden


This standard defines the methods for multi-project management. In conjunction with the five parts of DIN 69901:2009 and the other parts of DIN 69909 it is applicable to: a) organizations that wish to develop, introduce, maintain and improve multi-project management, b) organizations that wish to ensure that their project management standards comply with the standard, c) organizations that wish to demonstrate this compliance to others, d) all those who wish to achieve a common understanding of uniform terms in multi-project management, e) all those within and outside the organization who wish to advise and train the organization in multi-project management suitable for them, f) all those who develop software for multi-project management. This standard is applicable to organizations of any type and size, regardless of the number and complexity of projects. The national standardization committee responsible for this standard is NA 147-00-04 AA "Projektmanagement" ("Project management") at DIN Standards Committee Quality Management, Statistics and Certification (NQSZ).

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NA 147-00-04 AA - project management 

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