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DIN EN 795
Personal fall protection equipment - Anchor devices; German version EN 795:2012

Title (German)

Persönliche Absturzschutzausrüstung - Anschlageinrichtungen; Deutsche Fassung EN 795:2012


This European Standard specifies requirements for performance and associated test methods for single-user anchor devices which are intended to be removable from the structure. These anchor devices incorporate stationary or travelling (mobile) anchor points designed for the attachment of components of a personal fall protection system in accordance with EN 363. This European Standard also gives requirements for marking and instructions for use, and guidance on installation. This European Standard is not applicable to: - anchor devices intended to allow more than one user to be attached at any one time; - anchor devices used in any sports or recreational activity; - equipment designed to conform to EN 516 or EN 517; - elements or parts of structures which were installed for use other than as anchor points or anchor devices, for example, beams, girders; - structural anchors. This standard serves as the basis for placing anchor devices on the market. A uniform safety level shall be specified by this standard. Test institutes, certification bodies and manufacturers are potential users of this standard. This standard has been prepared under a mandate given to CEN by the European Commission and the European Free Trade Association and supports essential requirements of the EU Directives. This standard has been prepared by Technical Committee CEN/TC 160 "Protection against falls from heights including working belts", the secretariat of which is held by DIN. The responsible German Standards Committee is Working Committee NA 075-03-01 AA "Persönliche Schutzausrüstung gegen Absturz" ("Personal fall protection equipment") of the Personal Protective Equipment Standards Committee (NPS) at DIN.

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Responsible national committee

NA 075-03-01 AA - Personal protection equipment against falls from height including working belts  

Responsible european committee

CEN/TC 160/WG 1 - General requirements  

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