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DIN EN 10216-1
Seamless steel tubes for pressure purposes - Technical delivery conditions - Part 1: Non-alloy steel tubes with specified room temperature properties; German version EN 10216-1:2013

Title (German)

Nahtlose Stahlrohre für Druckbeanspruchungen - Technische Lieferbedingungen - Teil 1: Rohre aus unlegierten Stählen mit festgelegten Eigenschaften bei Raumtemperatur; Deutsche Fassung EN 10216-1:2013


This European Standard specifies the technical delivery conditions for seamless tubes of circular cross section made of non-alloy, alloy and stainless steel. They are used as pressure-retaining components in plant and power plant construction. Examples of use are: tubes for steam generators in fossil-fired power plants (Part 2), tubes for low temperatures for air separation plants (Part 4), stainless tubes for crackers in petrochemical industry (Part 5). Since liquids/gases often flow through the tubes under high pressure and therefore represent a considerable risk potential, the tubes standardized in this document are subject to the European Pressure Equipment Directive. Tubes in accordance with these harmonized standards are usually delivered with a CE marking. With respect to the previous edition of this standard, the third edition has maintained the concept of EN 10216-1 to -5. The standard has been particularly revised with regard to the references and harmonization of the PED. The committees responsible for this standard series are NA 021-00-09-01 UA "Rohre aus allgemeinen Baustählen oder Feinkornbaustählen" ("Non-alloy structural steel and fine grain steel tubes") and NA 021-00-09-04 UA "Rohre aus warmfesten oder kaltzähen Stählen" ("Creep-resisting tubes and tubes with low temperature properties") and NA 021-00-09-05 UA "Rohre aus nichtrostenden Stählen" ("Stainless steel tubes") at DIN.

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Responsible national committee

NA 021-00-09-01 UA - Non-alloy structural steel and fine grain steel tubes  

Responsible european committee

CEN/TC 459/SC 10 - Steel tubes, and iron and steel fittings  

Edition 2014-03
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