NA 041

DIN Standards Committee Heating and Ventilation Technology and their Safety

NA 041-04-02 AA
Facility Management (Mirror committee CEN/TC 348 and ISO/TC 267)

The working committee composed of recognized experts from companies, businesses and organizations as well as from service providers, associations and organizations and the public sector) for Facility Management in Germany combines knowledge and experience to create an agreed and consistent understanding of facility management. Goals: 1. Combining the expertise of German experts in facility management as an institution for all matters in this field. 2. Technical support of all German standardization projects that deal with facility management or have interfaces to it. 3. Active support of international standardization projects and influence in the sense of avoiding contradictions with the German understanding of facility management. 4. Stimulation and implementation of German and international standardization projects. 5. Representation of the German Facility Management understanding in private, public and government bodies. 6. Content and technical transfer of international standards in the German facility management expertise.


DIN-Normenausschuss Heiz- und Raumlufttechnik sowie deren Sicherheit (NHRS)

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