NA 041

DIN Standards Committee Heating and Ventilation Technology and their Safety

NA 041-03-66 AA
Communication systems for meters (Mirror committee CEN/TC 294)

The scope of the NA 041-03-66 AA is the standardization of communication interfaces for systems with meters and remote reading of meters for all kind of fluids and energies distributed by network. Secure communication covering data privacy as an inherent property, providing a scalable mechanism for security services, data integrity, authentication and confidentiality. The NA 041-03-66 AA is the official German mirror committee of CEN/TC 294 "Communication systems for meters and remote reading of meters", CEN/TC 294/WG 2 "Application layer for communication systems for and remote reading of all meters within the scope", CEN/TC 294/WG 4 "Data exchange for meters on bus-systems and interface" and CEN/TC 294/WG 5 "Radio meter data exchange". As mirror committee the NA 041 03 65 AA is also responsible for the nomination of German Delegates and German experts for CEN/TC 247, CEN/TC 294/WG 2, CEN/TC 294/WG 4 and CEN/TC 294/WG 5.


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