NA 041

DIN Standards Committee Heating and Ventilation Technology and their Safety

NA 041-03-01 AA
Control devices for oil burners and oil supply systems (Mirror committee CEN/TC 47/WG 4 and ISO/TC 161/WG 6)

The working committee NA 041-03-01 AA "Process and control devices for oil burners and oil supply systems" of the Heating and Ventilation Technology Standards Committee (NHRS) at DIN is responsible for standards and standardization projects with respect to safety, construction and performance requirements as well as tests of mechanical and electro-mechanical control devices for oil burners and oil supply systems. The field of work of NA 041-03-01 AA covers, among others, the following control devices, including their devices: - Pressure reducer - Conveyors - Isolation valves - Oil filter - Ignition devices The NA 041-03-01 AA acts as a German mirror committee at the European standardization of its range in the European working group CEN/TC 47/WG 4 "Oil supply systems".


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