NA 045

DIN Standards Committee Elastomer Technology

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DIN 7795
Measuring compression set of elastomers in hot water

Title (German)

Bestimmung des Druckverformungsrestes von Elastomeren in Heißwasser


Elastomer seal rings are used in potable water installations where they are employed, amongst others, in press fitting connections. In these permanent connections, which should have a minimum lifetime of 50 years, the elastomers guarantee the leaktightness of the system, thus making an essential contribution to the long-term reliability of the pipe connections. The test method described in this standard shall enable conclusions to be drawn regarding the long-term reliability of elastomers under practice-oriented test conditions. This test standard specifies the setup and procedure for measuring the compression set of elastomer seal rings between 70 IRHD and 80 IRHD in hot water. The committee responsible for this standard is NA 045-02-09 AA "Rohrleitungsdichtungen aus Elastomeren" ("Elastomeric seals for joints in pipework and pipe") at the DIN Standards Committee Rubber Technology (FAKAU).

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NA 045-02-09 AA - Elastomeric seals for joints in pipework and pipe 

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